It is Sew Manly to sew for the women in your life!
Sew Manly Sewing Instructions - Teaching Men to Sew Fashions for Women

I have returned

An LBD for a thirteen year old? What was I thinking?<< MORE >>

Campground Seamster: Make a Dress Without a Pattern, Using Basic Sewing Skills - Part 1

Grandpa, Would You Make Me a Faerie Dress for Halloween? Pixie, as I affectionately call her, loves anything to do with the Faerie Realm. So it was only natural that she would want a faerie dress to wear for Halloween. And, it was only natural that her Sew Manly Grandpa, yours truly, would agree to make one for her. It wasn’t until I got off the phone that the logistical problems associated with fashion sewing at a campground really sank in. << MORE >>

Photos added to Lesson One content

I prevailed upon one of my models, Mannique, to model for photographs of the basic measurements needed to select and alter a commercial pattern. I have added those images to my article called "How to measure a woman for commercial patterns". << MORE >>

While you're sewing for her, how about sewing for yourself?

Why not buy quality shirting fabric and pre-shrink it before assembling your shirt, so the sleeves maintain their as-built length? Why not adjust or draft your shirt pattern so it fits your body, do matter what your shape? Why not make your own shirt and NOT sew one of those scratchy labels into the collar? You can do all of that and more. << MORE >>

What do you mean, you can't sew?

As I began sewing fashion garments for the women in my life, I found myself drawing on skills and practices I had developed in the pursuit of my many previous hobbies.<< MORE >>

Already sew for a woman in your life?

If you are a man who already sews for a woman in your life, please share your sewing experiences in a comment added to this entry.<< MORE >>

How to measure a woman for commercial patterns

To sew a garment for a woman, you need a pattern. To select a pattern, you need to know how patterns are sized. To determine her pattern size, you need to know how to measure her. << MORE >>

Three reasons to sew for the women in YOUR life

I can give you three very good reasons to sew for the women in your life: a gift of love, a quest for style, and a need for fit.<< MORE >>

How I discovered what women really want

I have discovered the perfect gift for any woman in my life — my wife, my granddaughters, and my friends. They are all wearing or using one-of-a-kind garments, which I made especially for them.<< MORE >>